Thursday, February 12, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles to Garmisch!

We just got back from a week to Garmisch, Germany.  The trip started out a little rocky, but overall it was really nice to be in Europe.  We had to fly through Madrid and catch a connecting flight to Munich.  Unfortunately, we missed our flight (didn't realize there was a time difference from Dakar) and had to catch another flight 9 hours later.  Thankfully, Madrid has wonderful child center and  a Zara (one of my favorite stores that was in Oman) in the airport!  Once we got to Munich our rental car caught on fire just as we got all of our luggage crammed in and 2 car seats adjusted.  Luckily, we were able to return it for another car without too much hassle.

We stayed at the Edelweiss resort (Armed Forces Resort; it was wonderful child friendly resort.  We have seen commercials for the past 3 years on AFN in Oman for this place so we were ecstatic to finally get there. 

There wasn't much snow and it was quite warm for this time of year.  We still managed to go sledding and get to the top of the mountain a few times.  We did not get the opportunity to ski since we had the girls (maybe in a few years-): Abby learned some important advice "never to eat yellow snow"  from her Dad.

The food was wonderful and it was great to drink hot chocolate, good beer, and German wine.  

Hopefully, we will be invited next year and we will take more leave afterwards!