Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bandia, Saly and mango worms

On New Years Day we packed the car (2 kids, 1 nanny and 1 dog). It is pretty tight since our second car has not arrived yet. We travelled 65 km to Reserve de Bandia. It was small park (for Africa) about 3,000 hectareswith giraffes, rhinos, various species of deer, monkeys and crocodiles. When you arrive at the park, you have to hire a guide to go in your car or ride in the park's truck.We rode through the park and managed to see all of the animals. Our guide seemed annoyed at Sean for stopping to take so many pictures. I guess he didn't realize Sean is part Japanese! (:In the park the have small outside restaurant near the watering hole where you get a fantastic view of all the animals coming down for a drink and the crocodile eating his lunch.
The monkeys were terrible, they have become accustomed to getting tidbits of people's lunch. So whenever food was brought out they would hang out in the nearest tree and try to steal some food. One of the monkeys took an immediate disliking to Otter and displayed his fangs!
 Meanwhile Otter (being himself) did not care or even acknowledge the monkey. After a few rocks being thrown the monkey decided to steal someone else's lunch.
After the park we headed about 20 km to Saly.  

Saly is this beautiful seaside town with gorgeous beaches and fantastic local restaurants. We rented a small villa with a pool about 3 minute walk to the beach. The beach was fantastic. It was clean and pretty deserted. It was a fabulous trip and so close to Dakar.

Three days after our trip I noticed a welt on Otter. I got out the hydrogen peroxide to clean his cut and noticed something moving inside of the welt. They are called mango worms- basically maggots.. Look it up on a google search and you will be totall
y grossed out. Welcome to Africa!

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