Thursday, January 8, 2009

"One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it’s left behind.” – Charles Dickens

I am fulfilling my New Years Resolution to start a blog about our lives and the daily adventures of living in another continent.  Wow, some of you thinking it is only 13 days into the new year and that I am doing pretty well.  I am bit of a procrastinator, this is my 2008 resolutuion.  I had very busy 2008.  I moved 6,000 miles to the US, gave birth to my second daughter, then moved 3,000 miles to West Africa.

You are probably wondering about the quote. 
 I thought it was so befitting of where I have lived since I left Boston in 1997.  You complain about every place you live about the small annonyances - weather, shopping, food and people.  Little do you realize that you were having the best time of your life until your gone.  

I promised myself I would start writing things down so my girls would have a memory of our life overseas. Also I wanted to give some insight to my family and friends of our life in another country and the small things we do take for granted in the United States.  

So here it is- I hope you enjoy and please leave some comments!

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